Before You Adopt

Frequently Sought Answers

We at snowcatshelter aim to give kittens and cats loving forever homes. We believe that we do not own our Pets, they own us hence it’s imperative that we shower them with as much love as we can and enjoy their company for as long as we both can. We are not a rescue organization but we occasionally keep and rehabilitate stray, lost or abandoned kittens.We vet both the kittens and their prospective adopters and make sure that these beautiful creatures go into loving forever homes

To us free implies worthless and devalues the animal. When no money is involved, people tend to make snap/rush decisions. Cats taken on impulse are very often no longer wanted when the novelty wears off and they’re cast out leading to more breeding in cats in need of new homes. There are unscrupulous people who seek out free kittens for a variety of reasons such as to be sold for animal testing labs, used for snake food or used as dog fighting bait.
Free Kittens is a great way for people who cannot afford the adoption charge at the shelter. However, charges at the shelter usually do provide for de-worming, flea treatment, vaccinations, emergencies and even the day to day needs of the kittens and cats.So, in reality, anyone that cannot pay for this level of care at our shelter cannot afford to take care of the kitten. An irresponsible pet owner may get a “free” kitten and then later on not be able to afford to get the cat fixed, vaccinated and so on.

Our adoption fee is a flat rate of Ksh 5000.
It covers
– deworming
-flea treatment
It also helps us to take care of other kittens/cats in the shelter and provide for their daily needs

Our procedure is as follows:
1. You’d first identify a cat or kittens you would like to adopt from the ones available
2.We then send you an online Questionnare from that we’d like you to fill in,
3.Later on a series of follow up Questions with you via Call or Text with regards to what you filled in the questionnaire
4. You visit the shelter to see the kittens in person to see how we socialize them.You may choose to adopt the cat on the same day or at a later date.Alternatively we can deliver the cat to your house and help you with settling him/her in. (additional charges involved)

There are two general options:
1. Early/pediatric spay/neuter which is done at 6-8 weeks
2. Standard spay/neuter done at 4-5 months
*We however recommend that you consult with your vet for more information on this.
There are so many benefits to both you the pet owner and the pet that come with getting your cat spayed or neutered.We strictly follow up on this and ensure that all cats adopted from us are spayed and/or neutered.