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Liam is Prince Charming, literally. He has a handsome kitty face and is truly softhearted. He’s gentle and quiet. He enjoys cuddles and will take any chance he gets to sneak in some snuggles. Liam is a true human companion. He’s what you’d think an introverted cat would look and be like.



If cats shared human personalities, Gray would be an ambivert. He has a charming personality and an innocent kitty face that beams with joy as he’s playing. Gray loooves his sleep, and food, and cuddles. He purrs in seconds. This little boy is also vocal with his demands, but gentle in understanding.



Leo is a natural. If there was a kitten manual, he’d probably be the author. He’s the first in his litter to discover little things and playing spots, not forgetting the many firsts we’ve shared with him. He is a playful furry pal who loves to snuggle and sleep. He enjoys his food and loves to take a long bath afterwards.



Spencer reminds us so much of our past fave foster cat, Chris. He is playful, loves his food, a lot and cuddly. He starts purring a minute into cuddling and enjoying snuggles with him, and best believe you’ll be knocked out with him in your arms. Spencer is bold and loves human connection!



Snow is a tiny little tri-colored furry friend. She is vocal and will express herself at all costs. She loves to play with her siblings and share food with them. This little lady has a mind of her own and will come to cuddle on her terms. She’s charming, adorable and loving.